Cool Rooms & Refrigeration

Metal Point has the design, custom fabrication, installation and service experience to install your custom cool room or refrigeration requirements.

Metal Point will provide every size and shape, design style or specific requirements, using only quality materials and sealants, lining the floor for easy cleaning and hygiene, a range of door options, and fitting a room with the correct refrigeration and cool room system depending on your business needs. Metal Point will also provide a range of shelving options for storage requirements. Whether heavy duty and high volume or a small system is required the quality and detail of our workmanship will ensure suitability for not-so-gentle use for many years to come.

Design, custom fabrication and installation of Cool Rooms and Refrigeration to your specifications. Metal Point offers a range of door sizes, motors, wall thickness, flooring, lighting and colours and display styles.

We offer finance, generous warranty plans and preventative maintenance programs.

Please browse our website, contact us or phone 1300 083 366 for further information or assistance with your next project.